Bright Wood Bulletin Board

Seeking News for the Company Newsletter
We have an eight-page newsletter to fill so please let us know if you have any story ideas or questions related to Bright Wood. We will publish as soon as we have enough content.

Share Your Photos of Funny Signs and Other Visual Communication Nails and Fails
Next time you see a clever sign or a visual fail – please take a photo and send it to Bright Words so we can publish it in the newsletter. We’re looking for laughs, but also to learn something that might help our workplaces speak better.

We’d prefer to publish photos taken by Bright Wood people or their family members because then we know for sure that we have permission to use them.

After Hours: Some of the Interesting Things Bright Wood People Get Up to When They’re Not at Work
Bright Wood people do lots of interesting things both on and off the job. If you or a coworker have a hobby, interest, sport, or volunteer experience that you wouldn’t mind sharing in the newsletter, please let us know. Our purpose is to showcase another side of our workmates we might not otherwise get to see.