Welcome Manufacturers

» Bright Wood Research and Development's areas of expertise include:

  • » Wood material options, including both composite and solid.
  • » Overlay substrates.
  • » Adhesives: PVA, EPI, PUR liquid, PUR hotmelt, resorcinol, and phenol resorcinol.
  • » Coatings: water based, UV-cure pigmented, and UV-cure opaque.
  • » Surface preparation void filling sealants.
  • » Preservative treatments.
  • » Adhesive application systems.
  • » Coating application system.

» Bright Wood R&D has direct interaction with the R&D departments of many material supplying companies. Bright Wood R&D can function as a liaison between customers and supplier companies to develop new coatings, adhesives, treatments, overlays and wood composites to service the customer’s product needs.

» Assistance with product failure problems. Explore options for new designs, materials and processes to solve product problems.

» Evaluate product performance according to accepted standards. Investigate options for appropriate test methods when the product or materials are not covered by common tests.

» Detailed reports, statistical analysis and presentation of options.

» Prepare prototype products using current or new materials and current or new processes.

» Test and develop application processes for adhesives, coating, overlays and treatments.

» Climate control chamber evaluations:

  • » Material stability.
  • » Accelerated adhesive and coating performance in adverse climates.

» Versatile laboratory facilities that can be adapted for a wide range of tests, demonstration of prototype processes and product preparations.

» Ability to “fast-track” ideas into products.

» We can work shoulder to shoulder with your engineering staff to aid in providing solutions – ranging from knowledge of materials to unique construction options.