Welcome Manufacturers

right Wood Corporation offers window, door and furniture customers a world class value proposition:  The widest range of competitively priced, quality wood components available in the United States, shipped on time, with the quantities and lead times our customers require.

Leverage over 100 years of combined sales experience, a broad and extensive raw material resource base, cutting edge research and development capabilities, solid and dependable quality systems, and a diverse and flexible lean manufacturing methodology for your lowest cost wood component needs.

Call our sales department today at 541-475-2234 to learn how you can benefit from Bright Wood’s value proposition.

Mixed Truck Shipments

Bright Wood can supply all the components listed below (and more) in a mixed truck shipment. Ordering in small batches helps you turn your inventory faster and more often, eliminating costly Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). 

Cut-to-Size/Cut Stock Components

Bright Wood has been manufacturing cut-to-size components since 1960. Like all Bright Wood products, you have a number of ordering options including species (ponderosa pine, sugar pine, radiata pine, Bridiata Pine, or Hem/Fir), thicknesses (4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4), lengths, and whether or not you want the components finger jointed.

Whatever combination you chose, we will make certain your cut-to-size components are ready for your value-added processes.


Bright Wood customers can buy veneers in any of our raw material choices (including domestic pine, Hem/Fir, and radiata pine). You can also specify the sizes, quantities, and order schedules to match your production needs.

Engineered Components

Bright Wood has the advantage when it comes to engineering components, starting with a diverse equipment base and the shopfloor experts to run each type efficiently. This makes anything possible when it comes to manufacturing high performance components for doors, windows, and more. Bright Wood is known for linking different machinery together in flexible in-line systems so that products move seamlessly from one process to another without delay.

Bright Wood also works as a partner in the development of engineered wood components. Our Research and Development team will conduct product testing and performance capability studies on new products to assure they meet specifications from the get go. Once testing is done, our Quality Department introduces process controls to assure engineered components are always manufactured to expectations.

Custom Processing

There is little, if anything, Bright Wood can’t do when it comes to custom manufacturing components for windows, doors, and furniture. Customers can request value-added processes such as milling, tenoning, drilling, routing, profile wrapping, preservative treating, priming, end-grain sealing, etc., to finish components at any level up to ready to assemble.

The scope, variety, and depth of our operations make anything possible. Call Bright Wood's knowledgeable sales staff today at 541-475-2243 to learn how you can leverage our wood resources and manufacturing capabilities.