Quality Assurance

right Wood has a process-driven approach to quality. We believe that you cannot inspect quality into a part. We believe that you build quality into the process. Bright Wood performed over 54,000 quality audits last year, ensuring that all elements of the Bright Wood Quality System were robust enough to meet the rigorous requirements of our OEM customers, who are all respected leaders in their industries.

Quality is a process that well trained people use to control their activities to produce predictable results. We have these Quality Processes well documented in our ISO 9001:2008 compliant systems and procedures that provide the Standard Work description and training to keep our people at the top of the industry. We have been audited for our ISO compliance and lean culture by the top window and door manufactures in the U.S., and received high marks on each occasion.

Our people are committed to creating and maintaining a shopfloor utilizing Visual Factory Methodology by building a strong 5S Workplace Organization culture and incorporating our Visual Method Sheets located throughout the manufacturing process to assure consistency in the performance of Standard Work. This visual factory is enhanced by our use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Visual Control Charting to assure predictable results in the manufacturing processes. 

When building sustainable High Performance Engineered Components (HiPEC), testing adhesives performance is a must. We have been third party audited and are compliant with the Window and Door Manufacturing Association’s Hallmark Certification. 

To back up this process control effort is a Continuous Improvement commitment that incorporates customer feedback directly to the manufacturing and services processes. We have a Corrective Action Process utilizing Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) activities which directly involves our customers, both internal and external, to identify root causes, find solutions, and implement them with the follow up to assure the desired results are achieved and maintained.

We look forward to serving you for many years.